Friday, November 9, 2012

Empressway is a 25 year old native of Toronto, Canada, I first spotted her on Youtube and I was instantly hooked , I wanted to dress just like her ! She has great fashion sense and isn't afraid to try new styles. I didn't have my blog then but then I found her on instagram and contacted her about the feature and she was kind enough to agree! I was so hype. She is such an inspiring female and I had to tell ya'll about her.
1) When did you become such a fashionista?
 It's really funny, because when I was in my teens I was such a tomboy. It wasn't until I turned 20 that I really started paying attention to fashion.  I'd say I became a "fashionista" around the age of 21.  That's when I discovered who I was fashion-wise.

2) How would you describe your personal style?
 I would describe my personal style as risky, colorful and classy.  I like to think that when I put my outfits together, I am making somewhat of a statement.  I never want to look like everyone else,  I always want to stand out and show other plus size women that we can dress to impress also.
 3) What is the staple item that you always have to have in your closet?
 I ALWAYS have to have at least 2 really sturdy pairs of black leggings. When I have those days where I have no clue what to wear, that is my "go to" piece.
4) Who inspired you to share your style online?
Well, before I made my Youtube channel or my Tumblr account, I use to love watching "outfit of the day" videos.  There were about 3 vloggers who I loved watching, but there was 1 who really inspired me to post my own videos.  That was the amazing PassionJonesz.

 5)What is your advice for people who want to find their own personal style?
The only advice I have for people who are trying to find their own personal style is, be true to yourself and never wear something that you think other people want to see you in or they will feel comfortable seeing you in.  Wear what makes you feel happy, sexy and at your best.  A motto I live by is, "When you look good, you feel good."

Find her her: |Instagram:@empressway||Youtube:Empressway|

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today, was so much fun, I did a bit of thrifting  and went to this fast food restaurant" Cook-Out" It was yummy .  My friends tagged along since it was the day before we went back to school.I should of got some pictures. I loved the outfit I wore today because I wasn't wearing flats(Wooo!) like usual but, a pair of combat boots with faux fur . They had been sitting in my closet for almost a year and I felt like they would put my outfit on  another level. I also wore my favorite pair of jeans they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down! Every fashionista should own a pair. And of course the denim shirt. It was thrifted I was so happy to find a light-wash. I threw on the scarf to tie it together.This is outfit was both comfy and chic.
What do you think?XO Tatianna
Earrings:Thrift|Scarf:Conway|Denim Shirt: Thrift|Purse:Thrift|Bracelet: Forever21| Red Pants: Dots|Boots: Rainbow

/ / / / ASOS

Lately,ASOS has been my favorite store to watch ,I want everything! But, That's not possible,so here are a few of my picks. I love the abstract skater dress. It's reasonably priced at $44 which is a little inexpensive for ASOS. I want to pair the dress with a leather jacket or blazer and wedge booties. It'll be perfect. The next item is a bit out of my price range so I'll wait for Christmas. But I need this skirt it's amazing!  I love the shape of the skirt and I can pair it with pretty much anything. Next, The plaid dress will look great for the holiday's .It cost  $88 ,which is a pretty good price. It would look amazing with combat boots or ankle boots.  My last two picks were a little out of my usual style. But, they're so awesome. The Holographic  t-shirt is priced at $44 and will look amazing with the leather skirt ! I feel like I need a new pair of shoes so I picked out a pair of lace oxfords with a metallic toes. Perfect for all seasons.

 Let me Know what's on your wishlist.
XO, Tatianna

Monday, November 5, 2012

  First off, fat is not a negative word unless you make it a negative. I don't see anything wrong with being fat as long as you're healthy and love yourself. I've always been fat and always thought it wouldn't fit in with the Fashion world because it wasn't what I was seeing in magazines or on T.V. I didn't really think that'd it'd be possible for me to work in Fashion because it is a business based on looks. And I don't look like many people who work in Fashion. But, one day after looking at a bunch of Fatshion blogs and was completely inspired; I decided then that I'd work my to becoming a Fashion Buyer and no one would stop me. I plan on being a part in changing what's accepted in the Fashion Community and that's that. Her response here
Just a thought, XO Tatianna